[ Review ] Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam

Hello girls and boys, how was your day ??? Recently the weather is hot, rink more water to prevent fall into sick. Same to your face too , hot weather will cause your skin dehydrate faster than usual and more oily.  

Today wanna share new favourite cleanser with you all - Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam. Recently I'm crazy with Laneige's product. Therefore, I ask my uncle buy this for me from Korea, thank you so so much t my uncle  !!! 

This product is 160ml , is enough for me to use up to half a year. From the packing of this cleanser  , have been written suitable for the skin types.

I love their packing, sea-blue colour give my a fresh feel and match well with their Pore Care line . They are using the traditional squeeze design for this cleanser, which is good for us to control the amount that we needed.

From the Laneige Official Website

Product Claims:

 Works into both micro bubbles that cleanses deep inside pores and larger bubbles that cleanses the surface.  Leaves your skin clean and oil-free.
 Morocco Clay (Ghassoul) works as micro scrubbing beads that purify skin and Clove extracts control sebum secretion to leave your pores clean.

 Contains mild plant-based cleansing ingredients for gentle cleansing.

 Pore Purifying Complex removes toxins and impurities that are around your pores and strengthens your defense system against pore-related troubles.

I just squeeze a little amount of the cleanser (not more than 1cm),  The texture of the cleanser is quite rich and in creamy white colour . According to Laneige, they said there are micro scrubbing beads in this cleanser , but I didn't see it probably is too micro so I can see it and feel it. 

Next , I will add a little of water and then rub it until there are a lots of foam. Is amazing , It can produce so much of foam with just a small amount. 

With a close look on this bubble, you all can see that the bubble is very smooth and it is very gentle to your skin. I love the refreshing scent, a little bit like orange :) . After I finish washing my face, I feel that my skin is awake .

How I think??
This cleanser are able to remove the excess oil on my face but without tighten and dry my skin. I do feel that , it able to clean the dirt in my large pore since I don't have so much pimples problem during this hot weather. May be because my pores have no dirt then I felt that my pores have become smaller then previous. This cleanser really help a lot on my oily skin.
I will repurchase if I have finish it , it really did a great job on my skin.

Hope this review help you all. See ya :)


Coffee Junkie @ Junk | The Daily Dose - Chulia Street ,Penang

Coffee time again
Another new cafe wanna share with you all and coffee lover. Coffee Junkie @ Junk
Previously this cafe is named The Daily Dose.  Now they are come back with a new name and have been move to another new location.

 The cafe's name was cute! The first time I saw it at home, I was curious how this cafe looks like?!  Ok , now we can see that the front of the cafe have a lot different kind of plants , I feel that I'm in a mini jungle . 

Woody chair and woody coffee table make the cafe's environment more relax . Normally this cafe is visited by tourist.

Once you step into this cafe, you can see that you are surrounded by antiques. There are different kind of antique you can find at here such as clock, camera, toys and decoration. They are also selling antiques too :)
The seat is limited in this cafe,  if you come in a gang with your friend, I don't think have the enough seat for you and your friend. May be they can plan to expand their cafe in future.

There are 3 mini blackboard hang on the wall which is their menu. They just serve coffee and alcohol, and only few choice on drinks.

The cool Barista is preparing coffee for us !! Thank you so much !

This Mr.robot really cool !!! A clock body ~ Shining hands

Latte - RM 9
The latte is quite bitter, I need to add few teaspoons of sugar, but don't put too much ya . A little bitter is nice ! This latte really amazing! The bubbles are damn smooth , you can smell the rich aroma too. The taste is good . 

Chocolatte - RM10
My bro order this :)

This is the best coffee in town! Their staff and barista are very nice , good service! The only bad thing of this cafe is lack of fan and air-condition . I'm sweating while having my coffee.   

Address : 401 Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang Island 10100, Malaysia


[Review] CAVIAR moisture deluxe hair mask from Cosway

Hair is the "second face" of girls, all the girls are dream to have a pair of smooth, silk and shiny hair, some of them spend have try out any methods to make their hair looks perfect. I believe when a girl nice hair will attract the attention of people around her   ❤ 

Some of them, they are using chemical method to have a pair of nice hair such as perming, straightening. When you walking around the shopping, you can see a lot of YG(young generation) had bleached her hair to make the colour look obvious on their hair. Chemical treated hair will cause your hair look dull, lose shine, split end, dry and so on. Actually I am one of them (I'm not mean I'm YG :) ), always colour my hair but there is no colour on my hair .

On last Saturday, my friend asked me how I make my hair looks smooth ?! The secret is the hair mask I'm using - CAVIAR moisture deluxe hair mask . I'm a little lazy recently, reduced the time of hair treatment and I've change to used this hair mask.

CAVIAR moisture deluxe hair mask
The product of Cosway and it made in Korea, 150g for each. Dark blue packing with the combination of excellent font type make the hair mask looks elegant ! It is simple and not too much.

Consumer can get the information of this product from the back of this product , which include the function, ingredients, directions and distributor . 

This hair mask is purposely design for chemical treated hair,  which is excellent for permed, straightened, coloured, bleached, relaxed and tinted hair. The main function of this product is revive your lifeless & limp hair , strengthen fragile hair and no more dry/dull/split end . YOu can save your hair with this all in 1 hair mask.

As you all can see the hair mask is in creamy white colour, and the texture is in cream type , quite thick.  Just squeeze the amount that you needed and apply it on your clean and damped hair , left it for 10~15 minutes.  The time is lesser compare to treatment time. The hair mask smell nice, but it won't be last long. 

I purchased this hair mask with PWP price (only for February 2014) , which is only RM12 (hahahaha) , the normal price is RM39. 

Here's how my hair looks like after 1 use of the hair mask, it is more straight ,silk and manageable . The effect can last for 2~3 days (it depends on your hair). If you wish to have best result , you can use about 2-3 times every week. For those who wish to get a healthy and nice hair in short period , you can try this ~

Bought it from all the Cosway outlet. :) 


Brew Thirty Two Coffee House @ Green Hall,Penang

Finally, I'm here - Brew Thirty Two Coffee House . I've asked my friend and sis to accompany me to here from long time ago, last week I was there ! This coffee house located at Jalan Green Hall and it is just next to Kaffa Espresso Bar only, so you guys can visit both of this coffee house during an afternoon.

I saw there are a lots good comment and many people recommend this coffee house, my friend told me that their coffee and crepe is just nice ! So there is no reason for me not to try them. 

This wall painting get my attention ! The girl on the wall is a popular girl from Hong Kong named 如花 (mean pretty as flower). So you want coffee,tea or me??? Hahahaha...

Once you step in this coffee house, you can really relax your mind ! The coffee house have very simple, calm design and comfortable furnishing, there is not much table so it won't be to pack . Is very suitable for gathering and dating :) . 

This is one of the thing that I love in this coffee house~ ! This wall painting look likes drawn by pencil .

They are using waterpipe as wall decoration for shelf and rack. Different kind of coffee maker is on the rack .

All the menu is on board, which is very environment friendly and you can see nowadays many of the coffee house are display the menu on board too. 

This is where they make coffee for us

This owl painting done by coffee bean, just very amazing! This painting is very delicate .

Bolognese - RM12.90
There are are review from foursquare recommend us to try the bolognese of this coffee house. As you all can see this spaghetti is meaty and a lot of tomato sauce , they are not stingy to put more cheese powder. The portion is kinda big compare with others coffee house . The sauce exactly won't too thick or dilute, you can feel a little of the aroma of herb while you chewing it . As a conclusion, it's tasty and YUMMY!

Dark Mocha - RM9.50 

Butterscotch Latte - RM9
A very popular beverage in this coffee house, this is my first time to taste this butterscotch latte. Is the combination of butterscotch syrup and latte.  A little sweet before you taste the bitter, I love to smell coffee before I drink it , I love the aroma . This became one of my favourite beverage in this coffee house.

My cute sister , she is getting more and more pretty!

Don't forget to take picture with her ~~ 

Address : 32, Jalan Green Hall, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hour :  Sun to Thur 10.30 ~ 22.30 , Fri to Sat 10.30 ~ 24.00
Contact No. : 012 400 9633

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