Made In Penang Interactive Museum - 3D Museum @ Weld Quay

Made In Penang Interactive Museum

Recently, I heard a lot of people keep on posting about 3D museum on facebook. I was curious how was the 3D museum looks like, and what so special of this museum makes a lot of people visit it >< .After I find out , the 3D museum that always mention by my friend was this Made In Penang Interactive Museum. I knew this museum and went there before due to the the needs of my job.

There are 2 section in this building, for the ground floor of this building is more on the life of  Penang Lang at the earlier period. However at 2nd floor is about the 3D art .I came here during weekend , as you all see if full with a lots of people . All of them are busying to take picture with the 3D art on the wall of the passageway .

Due to the crowd too much, we have to queue for a mini register session. I guess is because of school holiday, all the parents are bring their children came over here to enjoy their weekend. Some of the teenagers are came along with their friend or classmate by cycling. 

Mr.Lim is too busy with government affairs, we only can enjoy coffee with his portrait . Looks real right? Amazing 

Time to purchase the entrance ticket ~~~ Due to promotion period, for those who are holding student card or kad siswa , they can get the entrance ticket with just only RM5 !! Is very cheap right? They are encourage student to spend their days on museum can get know the history of Penang!

See those cute miniature dioramas , is about the early lifestyle of Penang. All the dioramas is done in perfect! They just look so delicate and real ~ You can know how is the life of our elder and all of this is what we should know .

This is how the Penang Jetty looks like at the early stage .

Now lets go to see something Virtual Reality. A Santa Claus is appear on your hand and greet you Merry Christmas~~ How to do it ?
There is a square black code behind the entrance ticket, you just show the code to web cam to allow the web cam read the code and show the 3D model.
Create your 3D animated model and a square black code. Scan the square black code and save the 3D animated model in your PC then you are done. You can generate this augmented reality with some software at your home, just try it and have some fun ^^ 

We are now at 2nd floor of this museum, and this whole floor is about 3D art only. Start to see the amazing and awesome artwork. Due to too much crowd , therefore we have to take turns and wait for take photo with all of this gallery :) . You can see there are some museum staff walk around at this floor which are ready for help visitor to explain on how to pose before take picture.

"How dare you propose to my dear?! I'm so angry "
"Dolphin is flying"
"A chance to sing with famous artist -P.Ramlee "
"Opps! Sorry...Please forgive my mistake"
"Help ME, Superman!!! I'm falling down"
"I will knock your head if you still naughty!"
"Ghost Hotel,Oh My Gosh"
"What you see from the mirror??"
"Kuan Yin Teng !"
There are still a lot of amazing gallery waiting your visit. Spend your day at this museum ,is a right choice  :) . Reasonable ticket fees for students. Remember to avoid peak hour , to prevent long wait  .

Address : No.3 Pengkalan Weld 10300 George Town, Malaysia
Contact Number : 04-262 6119
Hours: Mon - Sun 9am to 6 pm


  1. Wah this museum looks really cool!!

    1. If you have a chance , you must visit here :)

  2. i went there too early and missed out some newly draw murals which are damn nice T.T

    1. If you ave student card, you can go again...Is cheap and worth :)

  3. Hi, when and what time is considered peak hours?

    1. Hi Suryana,

      Public Holiday, School holiday and Weekend will full with people :)
      Have a nice day


  4. Recently I visited another museum, Pinang Time Tunnel... If you are into the real history of Penang, this is a place not to be missed... There is a discount voucher that you can use here: -

  5. Hey Lisa

    I've visit Pinang Time Tunnel, I will post it next time
    Thanks for your discount voucher, and visit my blog :)
    Have a nice day


  6. this place is nice! i went twice uhmygawd in the same one month hahah


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