The Alley @ 5 Steward Lane ,Penang

A wonderful weekend will be perfect if having a coffee, hunting on another cafe which located at Steward Lane - The Alley. I get know this cafe from other blogger, the cafe gave a very good review on this cafe and suggest us to go for a try. So I decided to visit this cafe :) , spend your weekend for coffee if you have nothing to do at home. 

You can get to The Alley very easy because is just opposite of the Kuan Yin Teng temple , but is a little bit hard for who came by car, car parking place is hard to get it. 

Here is THE ALLEY. You can see the cafe signage on a sheet iron and hang in front of the cafe.  

Their menu is on the board with some cute drinks  & foods drawing , which very simple and tidy. They not only provide coffee and cakes but also have some desserts.

This delicate cup have attract mine sight ~! very cute and colourful. 

I love the decoration of this corner~ The love board, Eiffel Tower and the Quote !
Don't forget to make a LIFE ~
Other than food and drinks , they also selling some clothes, books and shoes. Customer have a shopping while waiting for their orders.

The seating of this cafe is quite limit, mostly is the table for 2 to 4 persons. So if you wish to visit here with your huge gang of friend , I advise you to make a reservation before you there.
There are 2 seating section in this cafe, front and back section. Front section will be more bright and suitable for those who came for do revision and business. However, the back section is quite relaxing because of the warm yellow light and comfy seat, lover or friend gathering will prefer this section.

Signature Lemon Cheesecake - RM10
Looks tasty and yummy ~ This is the best lemon cheesecake I had ever. The combination of oreo crumbles, chocolate sauce and lemon cheesecake just perfect ! The taste of sweet and sour is playing in your mouth, taste good ! The cheesecake is very smooth which didn't disappoint me. 

Latte - RM9
My sis order this latte . She felt is a little too bitter for her, but after a while she start to love the taste. 

Cappuccino - RM9
The balista recommend this to me. Love the coffee smell and a little creamy, is a little bitter compare to other cappuccino I had before.  

If you love coffee, can give try on this THE ALLEY. Their staff very friendly and good service, they have a very relaxing and comfy environment here. Besides that, they didn't charge service charge and government tax :).

Address : 5, Stewart Lane 10200 George Town, Malaysia.
Contact No. : 017 599 7009
Business Hour : 12pm - 12am
Facebook : The Alley


Toys Cafe @ Lebuh Bishop,Penang

A bright and sunny day without a cloud in the sky, cycling around the Georgetown heritage area seek for this cafe
Toys Cafe  

I was so happy, a brand new cafe is opened in Penang (if not mistaken is just opened about a month).
 Cafe is always a great place for me to relax, gossip, enjoy my coffee and day.

Whats attract me to this cafe??? I came here is because of their cute coffee art, request from my friend  and I know that this cafe is with the theme of toys. I love toys too, I like to have a look on the collection of the boss :)

This cafe is painted with orange paint, which is quite attract people's attention. 

Mr Superman is at the corner carry out his duty to protect us while we enjoying our coffee  >.<

Their action is fast, already order for their drinks and choose the coffee art they want ~
As you all see, all the collection is been displayed on a glasses cupboard. The shop is full with toys, may be some of you will have an illusion that you are in a toys museum .

Don't forget to place your order at the counter :).

Hello Mr Bean

Doreamon  is in the house too, this collection was so cute! I wish to have one at my house.

This is the first time I know there is a female kamen rider , anyway she looks gorgeous and sexy . If there is a chance, I wish to see how the female kamen rider fight with enemy.

This model looks like a real Tony Stark, so handsome~~

Baby iron man is just too cute!! 

Does anyone know about Evangelion?? I watched this anime during my secondary school, I love this anime so much during that time. I just love the idea of this anime . ❤ Asuka and Rei

I was so surprise I saw them at here - Wall-e and Eve. Is another favourite animation of mine . They are super duper cute !

Dragon ball! I bet anyone of you will know this anime ! It accompany me to grow up, is my childhood good friend~ It remind me a lot of my childhood memory ~ 

Even the wall, there are still have dragon ball too. The boss told us, the drawing was done by his friend! This is cool ~

Latte with the coffee art of Luffy
Arghhh, you are so cute .I spended about 15 minutes to took picture with it , but I still not willing to drink it, I not willing to destroy Luffy ~~ 

Here's the young big boss of this cafe. He is concentrated on the coffee art~~

Adding the pattern on the drinks~~~ you can request for the pattern that you like. The boss is very friendly! He allow us to choose the pattern~

Here's the Hello Kitty Pattern... 

Enjoy some of the coffee art done by the young big boss~~ is very cute !!! 

One Piece

Captain America

Don't forget to take picture with the Avengers~ HAHAHAHAHA

Toys Cafe
Address: 67 ,Lebuh Bishop 10200 Penang Malaysia.

Business Hour: 11am-10pm(Open Everyday)
Contact Number: 012 424 6426


Restaurant Khunthai Simply Thai @ Teluk Kumbar, Penang

Just finish bought my new year clothes from sales... HAHA no need worry about lack of new year clothes anymore. Have you guys done shopping for your clothes??? If haven't , you have to be fast ! still have a month to Chinese New Year .

Today's blog about food again~~  Not cafe, not local food but is Thai food~~~ If you are tomyam lover you know this place - Khunthai . There are two branches in Penang, one of it is located at butterworth , and we went their another branches which is located at Bayan Lepas,Penang. I'm having dinner with my sweeties after a few months we gather together again :) .

It tooks about 45 minute from Georgetown area to here(far distance), when we there is around 8.30pm . The sky are turn into dark > < . 

Cute vehicle :) . Sorry that my camera cant have good photo when in night or dark place ><

My friend told me that 6 something is the peak hour over here, so I glad we reached on correct time! Still have table for us.

If you love seafood, you can choose what you like over here .

For couple they can choose this little pavilion, is quite romantic.  

Toilet signboard for Miss and Mr Mermaid, is cute! I wish to have this signboard  

Customer can choose to have their dinner at seaside. You can enjoy the sea-view while having your dinner, what a relaxing night :) Peach~~~~

Open your menu and pick the Thai food that you like !! All their food is Thai style, just love it so much~

Chap Oong Ommelet - RM10
Fried egg with veges! Looks normal ? But it taste nice !  Just a little too oily... 

TomYam(S) - RM22
We want Tom Yam with prawn but the prawn is sold out , so we change it to mixed seafood . You can choose either small or big size of this tomyam soup. After a long waiting, our favorite tomyam soup is here, fish mixed with sotong and some mushroom. The soup is just nice, not too spicy and won't be too sour.Is different with our local tom yam ... I bet you will like it too. Overall is good just the sotong not fresh, which was rather a fly in the ointment

Kangkung Tempura - RM9
Have you ever tried to fried kangkung? Is my first time to try this, I never thought that vege can be fried. In the first bite you can feel the crispy, after you chewing you can know that the kangkung is refreshing! But it still quite oily XP 

Stir-fried Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts (S) - RM10
A little spicy and sweet, the fried chicken is just tender ~! I love this too!

Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant
Address : 1052 Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar,11920 Penang 
Contact : 04-6251155


Made In Penang Interactive Museum - 3D Museum @ Weld Quay

Made In Penang Interactive Museum

Recently, I heard a lot of people keep on posting about 3D museum on facebook. I was curious how was the 3D museum looks like, and what so special of this museum makes a lot of people visit it >< .After I find out , the 3D museum that always mention by my friend was this Made In Penang Interactive Museum. I knew this museum and went there before due to the the needs of my job.

There are 2 section in this building, for the ground floor of this building is more on the life of  Penang Lang at the earlier period. However at 2nd floor is about the 3D art .I came here during weekend , as you all see if full with a lots of people . All of them are busying to take picture with the 3D art on the wall of the passageway .

Due to the crowd too much, we have to queue for a mini register session. I guess is because of school holiday, all the parents are bring their children came over here to enjoy their weekend. Some of the teenagers are came along with their friend or classmate by cycling. 

Mr.Lim is too busy with government affairs, we only can enjoy coffee with his portrait . Looks real right? Amazing 

Time to purchase the entrance ticket ~~~ Due to promotion period, for those who are holding student card or kad siswa , they can get the entrance ticket with just only RM5 !! Is very cheap right? They are encourage student to spend their days on museum can get know the history of Penang!

See those cute miniature dioramas , is about the early lifestyle of Penang. All the dioramas is done in perfect! They just look so delicate and real ~ You can know how is the life of our elder and all of this is what we should know .

This is how the Penang Jetty looks like at the early stage .

Now lets go to see something Virtual Reality. A Santa Claus is appear on your hand and greet you Merry Christmas~~ How to do it ?
There is a square black code behind the entrance ticket, you just show the code to web cam to allow the web cam read the code and show the 3D model.
Create your 3D animated model and a square black code. Scan the square black code and save the 3D animated model in your PC then you are done. You can generate this augmented reality with some software at your home, just try it and have some fun ^^ 

We are now at 2nd floor of this museum, and this whole floor is about 3D art only. Start to see the amazing and awesome artwork. Due to too much crowd , therefore we have to take turns and wait for take photo with all of this gallery :) . You can see there are some museum staff walk around at this floor which are ready for help visitor to explain on how to pose before take picture.

"How dare you propose to my dear?! I'm so angry "
"Dolphin is flying"
"A chance to sing with famous artist -P.Ramlee "
"Opps! Sorry...Please forgive my mistake"
"Help ME, Superman!!! I'm falling down"
"I will knock your head if you still naughty!"
"Ghost Hotel,Oh My Gosh"
"What you see from the mirror??"
"Kuan Yin Teng !"
There are still a lot of amazing gallery waiting your visit. Spend your day at this museum ,is a right choice  :) . Reasonable ticket fees for students. Remember to avoid peak hour , to prevent long wait  .

Address : No.3 Pengkalan Weld 10300 George Town, Malaysia
Contact Number : 04-262 6119
Hours: Mon - Sun 9am to 6 pm

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