My days: Penang Food Hunt Days

Another 1 week passed, now I just wanna post about my last week activity on the weekends. Food Hunt with my colleagues at Penang ! As you all know, Penang is a city full of Yummy Food !! So now is time to depart for my food hunt day ^^ .


Big Ben Breakfast Set (RM7.50)
An ordinary breakfast, is quite oily for those who look for something healthy. I love their sausage <3, taste good and never see this sausage at market. 2 slices of bacons with not a lot fats, is ok for me . Each of us have this 1 set (we are too hungry and this is the first goes into our stomach)

Double Decker Sandwiches-Ham and Egg (RM5.00)
It just look small before I have my Big Ben breakfast set, But after I finish my main breakfast set, I'm start to regret. This is too much for us, and our mission is food hunt ,its not suitable to having too full at the beginning.Oat bread, fresh tomato,veges,hams and cheese , a healthy match breakfast for us at the morning.

Pitt Street Koay Teow Th'ng(椰脚果条汤)

Koay Teow Th'ng (forget the price)
While you look on this Koay Teow Th'ng , you can feel that it is very yummy, especially the fishball. I love it because you won't see a layer of oil on the soup, the Koay Teow is smooth  and the fisball is quite bouncy and don't have the fishy smell! Mr Lim Kuan Eng have visit this shop too <3
If you wish to taste it , must come in correct time , if not you have to wait for few minutes for the seat >< .

Tiger Char Koay Teow

Tiger Char Koay Teow(RM4.00)
The portion is quite small >< but it come with 3 big fat shrimps . While you waiting in the cafe, you can smell the scent of this char koay teow, you will love it ! For spicy lover, you must remember to order the spicy version ! Is kindly oily for me .

Moustache Houze

Mango Cheese cake(forgot the price)
I always love cheesecake ^^ , this time I also order cheesecake for them and me . There are mango slides on the cheesecake when you eat the cheesecake you can taste the mango taste at the same time ^^ . Each bites you can feel the taste of cheese is fill your mouth and is very smooth.

Trio Crepe Cake
There are 3 different layers in this cake- white chocolate, chocolate and dark chocolate. Lalala... my 1st time to taste crepe in MH! This crepe is nicer compare to other crepe that I have taste before.  >< I'm not a big fans for crepe so I feel that cheesecake is nicer than crepe :)

 I love this photo!!! And will miss you guys so so much !!!

Penang TangYen

This is the most famous tangyen in penang island !

I ordered the smallest bowl for my friend to try it. The uncle start doing business at 7pm, when I there I saw there are few people is queueing for order and some motorcyclist is waiting to take away their order. When uncle get the order , he will on the spot rub tang yen and cook it.
His tangyen is very smooth from outside to the inside which I never taste it at other place . I very curious with this uncle how can he make it.

Penang Abu Mamak Stall

This is the last stand for us, I bring them here- Abu Mamak Stall. Due to all of us is too full, so we just order 1 plate of Samurai Roti to taste it. When the Samurai Roti is served on the table, 3 doctors are start to do operation on the Samurai Roti, they very curious that what's inside the Roti?? This is the most funny thing I seen ever.  You guys are so cute!
I've tried Samurai Roti before, it cover the filling with roti canai and decorate it will some candies . I not recommend for girl not because the taste but is too big portion for a girl. Girls can order and share with others.

Such a great days with you all, wish to have next chance to complete my food hunt list with you guys .


[Product Review]Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit (W13 Natural Beige)

Bello~~~babes  I'm here again ^^ . There are 10 days to Christmas...super excited with it...waiting to enjoy my holiday. Today I wanna do a product review post. I believe there are 70% of girls will wear BB cream in their daily life. I start to used BB cream when I was 18 years old...and this is my 3rd bb cream. I just  wear bb cream when I am hang out and go for dinner.

Okay, now start to talk about my new favorite BB cream - Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit. Etude House is famous with cosmetic product, everytime I can see a lot of girls choosing their favorite cosmetic at the Etude House counter. Besides that, I saw some youtube beauty guru their are using this BB cream, therefore I decide to give it a try. I just use this BB cream twice only, but already in love with it.

From Etude House
BB cream formulated with Pearl Powder with an improved adhesive texture to promote moist,radiant looking skin while protecting againts UV damage and wrinkles
❤ ❤ ❤
Pearl Mineral Powder  Brightening Coverage Pearl  Brightening Care Sea Algae  Antioxidant Moisture Care


SPF 30/PA ++
Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle
Anti Darkening
60 grams 

There are four colour for girls to choose, those colours are suitable for asian girls.
Light Beige + Natural Beige + Honey Beige + Sand Beige

I choose Natural Beige because my skin colour is tend to yellow colour which quite match with my skin colour ...

The packing is in sweet pink as the main colour which is the favorite colour for most of the girls (Mine is Red ) with purple colour words. You can feel that is a magical bb cream for girls. 

Another thing I love this bb cream is because there is a pump for us to allow us control the usage of bb cream and it is very hygienic       

Is time to see this bb cream     I press a little to test on my hand . As you all can see it is watery type.

This BB cream is very easy to be spread, I love this point too... If not I have to use a lot of energy to spread it > < (just joking) 

The  coverage is good! and it give me a natural white skin look , wish I always hope to have. There is a floral scent when you apply this bb cream on you skin but its only last for a while ^^ . For better result, remember to apply setting powder to keep your skin away from oily . This BB cream will make my skin a little oily when wearing it >< .


4/5 (Will repurchase it)


[Product Review] 3W Clinic Essencial Lipsick No.2 & Christmas Make Up Video

Babes~~ How you all??? I already didn't update my blog for a week, sorry for slow update > < because I'm planning, capturing and editing my new make up video. It takes my whole morning and afternoon to complete it , edit video is not an easy mission , need your patient and time.  As my age getting older, now I'm fall with red lipstick. 

Red lipstick is classic, elegant, hot and sexy, it suitable anyone any occasions . You always see there are a lot of Hollywood actress attended Award ceremony with red lips, I just feel they all are so gorgeous :) . Below is my photo in Red Lips (Omg! just love it) . Before this, I've visit watson, guardian and Sasa just to find red lipstick but I can't find any of it suit me > <. I want  deep red lipstick. At last, I decided to bought this 3W Clinic Essential Lipstick , I knew their red lipstick is what I looking for this long time.

Are you curious where I bought them ??? Yeap ! I bought them from Qoo10 , and it took a plane from Korea to Malaysia. It took 15 days (Half month) to reach me. But when you receive it , you will felt is totally worth for wait . 

Will you have a same question as me ? I was curious why they named 3W? Finally I knew why, 3W stand for watering, whitening and wrinkles

This lipstick is made by natural raw material , it won't irritate our skin . Besides that it give your lips protection by coating on the surface of lips. It also can keep your lips away from dryness, give your  lips moisture. 

There are up to 22 colours for you to choose, I'm sure one of the colour will be your favorite. They have all the colour range for ladies and teenagers, from sexy to sweet. 

Simple but elegant packaging... Gold in colour body , may be it not the youngest favorite . I think now a days not much youngest like gold colour . But is ok for me ^^ ,  I can accept it .

When I saw the colour, it already make me feel excited and happy. This is what I waiting for so long, I just cant wait for try it . The colour is slightly looks different from the website , but not much different. Show you all some super zoom photo on this lipstick.

I've try this colour on my hand, but the result is not very red. So I think better try it my lips ^^

Here's my photo while wearing this lipstick.
I really love this colour, I can't express how much I love it . Besides that, it really won't dry my lips but also give my lips moisture. Is magic! Planning to buy some natural colour range for daily use.
Super love it . I like to recommend this to all of you . You can have it with just RM16 , totally worth for the price . Girls be the next star :)


[Product Review] Arimino Bamboo Moisture Veil

Blog time again ❤ ❤ ❤

I'm sick again, yesterday took half day leave and go to see doctor. The nurse measure my temperature for me, is very shock I know my temperature is 38.8 > < ... I seldom have so high temperature. this morning wake up already felt better ... Hope can recover as soon as possible :).

I'm spending money again > < (OMG) .What I bought this time??? I bought a leave in conditioner from Kcareshop again - Arimino Bamboo Moisture Veil

I'm looking for something make my hair look shiny and smooth. I found this baby have a good comment compare to others on kcareshop, so decided to bought it and have a try on it ^^.

This moisture veil is very cute small bottle which is just 80ml only, you can put it in your bag and bring it to everywhere , sleek your hair anytime.
Sweet pink bottle is girl's favorite 

This is a product from Japan. As you all see, at the back of the bottle is full of japanese words. I totally dont understand about it  > < .
This is a Leave-in conditioner, which can protect cuticles and give our hair moisture look and tames  .

Pump out the amount that you need for your hair and apply them on your half dry hair. Blow your hair dry is necessary .

The texture of this conditioner is gel and watery type and is creamy white colour. 

- My hair become sleek, soft and manageable
- Sweet scent  

- Have to apply quite a lot amount on your hair
- Is pricy for thsi small bottle
- Finish up fast ><

Rating: 2.5/5
(Will not repurchase again)

Liebster Award ❤ discover new bloggers

Oh Gosh ~~ I'm so happy !! I got a good news at this morning, therefore my morning is not so blue ~
What is Liebster Award? This is an online award given by blogger to other bloggers to allow we know and discover more new excellent bloggers . This really meaningful for me , this can encourage me to blog more ^^. I was nominated by Stella R from Blushing Daisies, very thanks for your nomination :) . You all must not miss her blog, she is a awesome beauty blogger !

1. You must link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer 11 Liebster questions given to you from the blogger (who nominated you)
3. This award is suggest you to nominate 10 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
4. Prepare 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Last, leave a comment on your nominee's blog to notified them that had been nominated.

Here's my answer to Stella's question :
1.What is your favorite skin care brand? Please share a must-have from that brand.  
Ermm... For now, my favorite skin care brand are LANEIGE. I'm using their Water Bank Essence, which help me to keep my skin from dryness without oily skin. So babes must try on this product.

2.If you can only apply one make-up product on your face, what would that product be? 
Well, I can hang out with a clean face but I must apply double eyelid patch. This is only 1 make up product that is I must have and apply.

3.Which celebrity is your role model/ inspiration in beauty and fashion? 
My inspiration of beauty and fashion is based on my mood and my personalities.

4.One thing you like about yourself?
I love my smile

5.Heels or flats?  
I love heels but I mostly will wear flats, it really comfort and relaxing...

6.What are the top 3 destinations you want to visit? Why? 
Australia- Aurora & Lavender, London- London Eye , Italy-Trevi Fountain

7.If only one of your wishes can be granted, what would that be?  
I wish I can travel the whole world

8.Tea or coffee?  
Of course is coffee, coffee always make my day

9.If you can live anywhere in the world, where would that be? Why? 
Erm...better place is still my sweet home <3

10.Do you prefer shopping alone or with a bunch of friends?  
I love to shop with a bunch on friends, we can just occupied all the fitting rooms HAHAHA

11.What do you usually do when you are free? 
I will use my time on blogging, shooting video of make up tips, read some books and have a coffee.
This is such a great day for me ~

Here's my question for those I nominated 

1. Like to know that when you start your blog?Why you start to blog?
2. Who is your favorite blogger?What make you love him/her?
3. Dress or pants?
4. Do you love travel? If yes, you prefer to travel in group or alone?
5. Where do you prefer to go for travel? Why?
6. Shopping and Outdoor activities which 1 you love most?
7. One thing you like about yourself.
8. If you are a billionaire, what will you do with your money?
9. What will you do with your free time?
10. What influenced most in your life?
11. In your own opinion, what is true? what is false?

Who I nominate??? (Sorry that I only nominate 4 bloggers > < )

Connie from Melody Of Life
Carmen C from Miss Chung
Michelle Ching from CherryBecomeCheery
Stephanie from Sky Of Love

Good Luck to you all ^^


❤ Frozen Disney

Movie time :) There is a movie I wanna recommend you all go to watch - Frozen

Due to holidays, so the cinema will full with kids if you watch this movie at day time. When I go into the cinema, I had a feeling that I'm in a kindergarten , 90% of the hall is full with kids... At the beginning , I quite embarrassing because is surrounded by kids. But after you finish this movie, you will just feel worth for watch !

Disney movie always is my favourite  .

Frozen - Is not about witch or stepmother, is about a girl with a powerful magic-Elsa and her lovely sis-Anna. Due to the power is too strong for Elsa, she not able to control it. Therefore she stay away from other people included her sis to prevent hurt anybody.

Elsa - She have the ability to create snow and ice, but her power is growing as she getting older. She very love her sis -Anna, therefore she have to stay away from her to prevent she getting any hurt from herself.

Anna - Love to play with her sis - Elsa , a girl very energetic , cute and look for love . When Elsa left their kingdom, she is willing to find her and no matter how hard is it .

The ending of this movie is surprised me, it let us know that true love is not only from lover, it also can be come from family members.
Is another best movie for me, not only for entertain , but also learn something valuable from this movie 

[Product Review] Gobdigoun Aging corrector skin milk series Part 2- Tone Up Cream

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