♥ Redken Intra Force ~ for natural thinning hair ♥

Dear all, how your's day ? I'm just recover from sickness, unsettled weather is make me hard to stay healthy. So babies remember to drink more water and do more exercise, to stay away from sick. 

Few days ago, my mum told me that my hair is become more thicker .... Omgosh~~ I'm so happy to heard it because I have naturally thin hair which always bother me. When I saw girls with long  and thick hair, I will keep my eyes on her for few seconds. 

What shampoo I using now??? Is this -> Redken Intra Force (for natural thinning hair). I bought this shampoo from Kcareshop , I bought this with RM110 which is more cheaper compare the retail shop. I have used this shampoo for about 2 months since September until now, and finally I see the result on my hair :) . 

There are 2 system for Intra Force series which design for people with different hair problems- SYSTEM 1 (for natural thinning hair) & SYSTEM 2 ( for color -treated thinning hair).

Redken Intra Force for natural thinning hair
The benefit of this shampoo which can help us to remove those excess sebum from our hair and give our hair and scalp a healthy environment. Besides that, it also promotes our hair density.

This detoxifying shampoo contained ZIN PCA+ & Arginine. How this 2 ingredients works on our hair?
ZIN PCA+ : reduces excess sebum on your hair and give your scalp a healthy environment
Arginine : stimulate hair scalp

At the back of this shampoo , is full of description and in different of languages.

This is product from U.S.A. I believe in this brand-REDKEN because they have been using in most of the hair saloon. 

Lets see the result ♥ ♥ ♥
There are lots of baby hair growing (keep going ^^)
I find out that, my hair is growing faster than previously. My fringe grow about 1cm within 2 weeks. Besides that, my hair is become thicker , I believe my scalp now is back to healthy condition ^^.

♥ ♥ ♥ Tips to have healthy hair ♥ ♥ ♥
Early to bed and healthy life style also can help your hair grow healthier and stronger.
Remember to drink more water too
See ya ^^ 

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