Harvest In Cafe @ Penang

Is quite long time for me didn't update yummy food in my blog , long time for me didnt go for food hunt. No worries, I'm searching my next target.
Today my colleague bring me here for lunch - Harvest In cafe. I think Penang Lang are very familiar with this cafe.

Harvest In Cafe
Address: 10, Irrawaddy Road, 10050 Penang.
Contact No. : 04-2261718
Business Hour:
Mon-Sat 11.00 ~ 15.30 (Lunch)
Mon & Wed-Sat 18.00 ~ 22.00 (Dinner)
Close on Sunday and close for dinner on Tuesday

I love this mail box, made by wood and looks cute

This restaurant is only open at Lunch and Dinner time,therefore before you can hear a lot of noices and see the restaurant is full of people. Due to full-house , then I didn't take the picture of the restaurant's environment. I like the interior design of the restaurant, is painted with white paint and simple dining table and chair, is comfortable environment .

Three of us are super duper hungry, my colleague told me that their food are really really nice. This make me more hungry. 

Hot Honey Lemon - RM3.30
I am sore throat, I think this is good for me and my health.

Soup of the day(Mushroom Soup) - RM4
I love this mushroom soup!! It come with 2 slides of garlic bread. The soup is creamy and there is some mushroom cube inside the soup. 

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM12.50
This is my lunch, I'm so surprise it come with 2 sides garlic bread. The carbonara source is not too dilute or creamy but the taste is perfect! Ham and mushroom is cover with a lot  The ham have been roasted, is a little salty and more appetizing . Roasted Ham + the spaghetti is perfect combination!

Honey Oat Chicken - RM 12.50
Crunchy Oatmeal with Sweet Honey .Taste yummy!!  

French Fried Rice - RM 6.90
This is very very delicious ! When I recover , I must try this ! You must not miss this !

Oriental Fried Rice -  RM6.90
Same to this! This fried rice also very yummy ! Do you believe this tasty fried rice is come from western restaurant? 

There is no TAX or SERVICE CHARGE in this restaurant . This is very good! I love it!
So total 3 of us spend about RM60 for our lunch, and we are very very full...
Thanks to my colleague, he treat me this !

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