[Giveaway] Fynale Colour Lens

Halooo boys and girls, how was your day ??? Today I'm not going to do any review on product, but is want share with you all a Giveaway activity . I wanna give away with the total of 6 pairs Fynale Colour Lens for 3 lucky babies, each of the babies will have 2 pairs of Colour Lens. 

Is about 1 month to Christmas and New Year , I'm excited with it >< . I saw a lot people already start buy decoration to decorate their house, and some of them buy the accessories for Christmas party. So I'm here to giveaway some colour for babies to dress up in their Christmas and New Year party ^^

How to get it ????
1. Like our facebook page - Quinn Boutique
2. Like this photo 

3. Leave a comment below this photo
4. Share this photo to public in your facebook

3 lucky babies will be announce on 16 DEC 2013.
Good Luck to you all ^^.


♥ Redken Intra Force ~ for natural thinning hair ♥

Dear all, how your's day ? I'm just recover from sickness, unsettled weather is make me hard to stay healthy. So babies remember to drink more water and do more exercise, to stay away from sick. 

Few days ago, my mum told me that my hair is become more thicker .... Omgosh~~ I'm so happy to heard it because I have naturally thin hair which always bother me. When I saw girls with long  and thick hair, I will keep my eyes on her for few seconds. 

What shampoo I using now??? Is this -> Redken Intra Force (for natural thinning hair). I bought this shampoo from Kcareshop , I bought this with RM110 which is more cheaper compare the retail shop. I have used this shampoo for about 2 months since September until now, and finally I see the result on my hair :) . 

There are 2 system for Intra Force series which design for people with different hair problems- SYSTEM 1 (for natural thinning hair) & SYSTEM 2 ( for color -treated thinning hair).

Redken Intra Force for natural thinning hair
The benefit of this shampoo which can help us to remove those excess sebum from our hair and give our hair and scalp a healthy environment. Besides that, it also promotes our hair density.

This detoxifying shampoo contained ZIN PCA+ & Arginine. How this 2 ingredients works on our hair?
ZIN PCA+ : reduces excess sebum on your hair and give your scalp a healthy environment
Arginine : stimulate hair scalp

At the back of this shampoo , is full of description and in different of languages.

This is product from U.S.A. I believe in this brand-REDKEN because they have been using in most of the hair saloon. 

Lets see the result ♥ ♥ ♥
There are lots of baby hair growing (keep going ^^)
I find out that, my hair is growing faster than previously. My fringe grow about 1cm within 2 weeks. Besides that, my hair is become thicker , I believe my scalp now is back to healthy condition ^^.

♥ ♥ ♥ Tips to have healthy hair ♥ ♥ ♥
Early to bed and healthy life style also can help your hair grow healthier and stronger.
Remember to drink more water too
See ya ^^ 


The Camera Museum @ Penang, Muntri Street

Opps babes, I forgot to blog about this - The Camera Museum, I think I'm getting older and older. Last month, I went here with my girls after we finish a campaign and got a free entrance voucher. I wish to visit this museum since August, but I cant find out where it locate. Luckily, my lovely friend bring me there :)

Day after rain, is kinda hot, but still a lot of cloud above the sky. Here we are - Penang's Camera Museum. Some of the photographer will held their exhibition in this Camera Museum, all their work are show at the ground floor of this museum. This museum have 2 section which is ground floor and first floor.

Camera Museum also is a cafe beside that it is also a shop ^^ . If some of the tourist wanna go to Chulia Street after visit the museum, there is a shortcut to Chulia Street in this Museum.

I thought this camera can function,but actually not >< 

This spiral stair is for photo shooting use, it's going to nowhere...haha

You all can see that all around the museum is decorate by vintage camera

Recently a lot of people are using vintage style camera, even my friend he also ask he try to look for vintage camera... I love vintage stuff.

If you wanna look for more camera , you must go to upstair but you need to pay for the entrance fee (If you love camera, then you have no reason to miss it)

I'm ready go to upstair ^^

Is many kind of camera here, all are old style camera which is no people use them in this generation! My eyes became bigger when I saw this, it awesome! I love them so much.

The Lego camera is the one attract my 1st sight with its colourful body.

Can you see anything from this picture??I saw a chair and flower background wallpaper.

Here is SPY room, you can find out a lot of mini camera that used by spy to complete their mission . This cardboard looks like James Bond right???

I love their idea on using umbrella to decorate this stairway

Here is the cafe section . Wooden chairs and tables with camera print.

Before the Cafe section, is the SNAP SHOP section. Visitors can but some cute souvenirs and delicate handicrafts.

Is it cute? 

Do you know what is this? Just Guess it ... HAHAHA
Give you all a hint, I saw this at toilet... :) 

The Camera Museum
Address : 49, Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown, Penang Island 10200, Malaysia
Opening Hour : 9.30am - 6.30pm
Contact No : 04-2613649


Harvest In Cafe @ Penang

Is quite long time for me didn't update yummy food in my blog , long time for me didnt go for food hunt. No worries, I'm searching my next target.
Today my colleague bring me here for lunch - Harvest In cafe. I think Penang Lang are very familiar with this cafe.

Harvest In Cafe
Address: 10, Irrawaddy Road, 10050 Penang.
Contact No. : 04-2261718
Business Hour:
Mon-Sat 11.00 ~ 15.30 (Lunch)
Mon & Wed-Sat 18.00 ~ 22.00 (Dinner)
Close on Sunday and close for dinner on Tuesday

I love this mail box, made by wood and looks cute

This restaurant is only open at Lunch and Dinner time,therefore before you can hear a lot of noices and see the restaurant is full of people. Due to full-house , then I didn't take the picture of the restaurant's environment. I like the interior design of the restaurant, is painted with white paint and simple dining table and chair, is comfortable environment .

Three of us are super duper hungry, my colleague told me that their food are really really nice. This make me more hungry. 

Hot Honey Lemon - RM3.30
I am sore throat, I think this is good for me and my health.

Soup of the day(Mushroom Soup) - RM4
I love this mushroom soup!! It come with 2 slides of garlic bread. The soup is creamy and there is some mushroom cube inside the soup. 

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM12.50
This is my lunch, I'm so surprise it come with 2 sides garlic bread. The carbonara source is not too dilute or creamy but the taste is perfect! Ham and mushroom is cover with a lot  The ham have been roasted, is a little salty and more appetizing . Roasted Ham + the spaghetti is perfect combination!

Honey Oat Chicken - RM 12.50
Crunchy Oatmeal with Sweet Honey .Taste yummy!!  

French Fried Rice - RM 6.90
This is very very delicious ! When I recover , I must try this ! You must not miss this !

Oriental Fried Rice -  RM6.90
Same to this! This fried rice also very yummy ! Do you believe this tasty fried rice is come from western restaurant? 

There is no TAX or SERVICE CHARGE in this restaurant . This is very good! I love it!
So total 3 of us spend about RM60 for our lunch, and we are very very full...
Thanks to my colleague, he treat me this !


Trouble Maker - Hyuna "There is no tomorrow / Now" Make up & Hair style

Just done a new make up video :) . This time I'm try the make up of HYUNA in her new music video- There is no tomorrow / Now.

This song keep on appear in my playlist, I play it again and again . I'm addicted to it.

Hyuna looks hot and sexy in the music video, she have a new hair colour and hair style. Those K-pop fans must not miss this song!

Here's my make up video , hope you all enjoy it :)


My days # On Dress mode # Sneaker in white # Baggie

After 2 months of intern life, now I'm getting more and more used to it and I find out that working is tiring >< . Intern life had slow down my blog speed,  and wanna tell you that I'm bringing my online shop back ^^ .

Finally, I'm manage to handle my training life and my online shop, I felt so happy ^^ . I'm also starting to selling my most favourite colour lenses - Fynale in my online shop and in JBTALKS forum as an agent. May be this brand is still new for babes, and may be not the best colour lens on market but it do bring me comfort ,clear vision and good enlargement effect in my eyes. I never feel any irritates after wearing them.

Recently I in love with dresses ^ ^, starting to wear dress when hanging out with my friends. I got bunch of dress in my wardrobe ,I should pay more attention on them (mummy will "bring you girls" go to shopping ).

This is my first girl   
plain & simple design + black & white colour + material is soft and comfortable to wear 
I bought it from morning market - RM25

Next girl :)
Lady style + with some lace for decorate + simple design
My lovely aunt bought this for me from Thailand.
Hard to believe I became a lady with this dress 

Here's my 1st pair of sneakers , My sis bought for me haha (don't jealous)
Is comfortable, and can make me more taller too hehe
This sneaker pretty cool,I love it so so much ^^ Thanks my sis 

Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang~~~~
My new baggie~ I got 2 bags is broke on last week so I have to buy a new 1  > <
My sis told me is a little mature for me, but I think is good thing.
I should try mature stuff now :)

Bye bye ~~ see you all at next round ^^


[Review] Dodo 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder in #23

I always wish to have a setting powder but cant search for a good one . Recently I have this new baby and it so so much .  

I faced a problem all the time, which is when I went a place with make-up where the place does not have air con and have a big big SUN , then foundation will melt super fast. Finally I found this - Dodo 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder .

I have used this loose powder on my daily make up including in my make up video. 

Manufacture Korea
Size  50g
Available Colour   #10 Translucent Pearl  #22 Light Beige  #23 Natural Beige

Dodo 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder is made of micro-powder for all skin type.This is a well know product to entertainers and is the best selling product for non-entertainers since 1999. 

This product have 4 main effect which is SLIMMING effect, LONG LASTING effect, BLOOMING effect, SUPER HYDRATE effect.

I had choose a 50g and #23 natural beige colour 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder.  I never thought it cone in a large box >< , I think I can use this for quite long time .

When you remove the cover of box, you can see another surprise inside it . There is another plastic container inside the box.  I felt that the packing and design is Nice and Well !!!!

There is a soft and tender sponge in the container (I love the sponge so much, its cute ♥ )

For your first time usage, you have to remove the sticker, then you can start to use it 

There is instruction under the box but all is in korean word, which I dont understand at all >< 

How I feel ??

Okay, this really help me to hold my make up , and make my make up last more longer. The powder really very soft and micro size, it can fully cover your pores and give you poreless skin.The scent is nice to smell. Due to I have yellowish skin so I choose the #23 natural beige which more close to my skin colour, and the colour can match my skin colour well and brighten my skin.
For those who have combination and oily skin, can give a try on this loose powder, it can againts sweat , oil and water without dehydrate your skin.
However, I didnt see any slimming effect while apply this on my skin .

I will repurchase this , and rate it 4.5/5

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