Kaffa espresso bar @ GREEN HALL

Saturday again, yuhoooo... Lets go for a hunt - food hunt.
Recently I saw lot of my friends, they are coming to this cafe - Kaffa ESPRESSO BAR
Shop sign with woody + metallic material of this cafe looks so classic. 

Address: 22, Green Hall, 10200 Pinang George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-262 2822

Those who know Western Spices Restaurant , surely can find this cafe easily . This cafe located in the lorong right beside of Western Spices Restaurant . The Aqua Ocean signboard will catch your sight, so you can find them easily.

England style and retro design of this cafe make you feel that you are now at 60-70's.

Here is their business hours. They are ready to serve their lovely customer everyday  :)

You can see that their menu is on board, another environmentalism's coffee house. But the word is kinda pack on the blackboard so you need to spend some time to goes through their menu.

Have you ever used this flat bottom iron cup before? I did!  This flat bottom iron cup have the cafe logo and white body , looks cute...I wish can bring them home  ^^

This is the table numbers, so whats yours?

So is time to pick your favourite food and cake...Now only have 5 types of cake for you to choose . I believe they will bring in more different cakes soon ^^

Gosh... is full house! There are indoor and outdoor section, but the indoor section is full with crowd. Luckily, a table of customer is leaving therefore we able to get our seating in indoor. 
This is our table...^^ looks cool right? I wish the mini television are able to be switch on so I can watching show while enjoying my cake. 

Chocolate Moist Cake - RM10
This chocolate moist cake have a wonderful deep chocolate taste,very rich and smooth, and not to sweet. It is just a little not so moist . I will still recommend this ... really nice to try

Cheezy Cheese Cake - RM10
It's name Darren not so cheese cheesecake, what a cute name. There are 3 layers for this cheese cake.
When you putting it into your mouth , the cheese taste come first , which is very smooth , rich and not so cheese. Next was the chocolate taste. Taste GOOD !

Cafe freddo- RM12
Kaffa's staff recommend this to me, I admit that I dont know what have been mix in this drinks. HAHA

After finish eating my cake, is time for me to take photo. There are lots of cute stuff in here.

Looks like Harry Potter (in my own opinion)

Cute make up bag, I wish to have one of this too. 

Here's the outdoor section at the upstairs. The environment is good too, I guess will be more romantic at night , is suitable for couple to have their date here.

The BEATLES is in the house too ^^ . 

See you guys next time ... Have a nice day 

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