Miam Miam @ Gurney Paragon @ Penang

Holaaaaa...working is tiring...It drain all my energy... How I restore my energy? Sleep ,Eat ,Play is the way I gain my energy.

Last weekend have a gathering with my girls, after finish a heritage campaign. After an exercise , we need to eat to regain our energy and cleared out tire. My ladies bring me here "MIAM MIAM", which located at the ground floor of gurney paragon.

MIAM MIAM is a combination of French-Japanese restaurant, I search from internet and found out that MIAM MIAM = Yummy in French. We are too early be there, so we have to wait for them to open the door at outside > < ... They start their business on time at 12pm sharp.

When you there, you can see there is a Ms. Miam Miam in brown apron is stand beside the door waiting to "serve" you.

With those decoration elegant white curtain in the restaurant , have you feels dreamy? There are numbers of table are ready to serve customer and some tables are set up outside the restaurant.

They have used some cute and old style decoration is hang on a metallic shelf to decorate their wall.  

This is your table number and there are wifi password stick on the metallic cup.

When we have our seat, the waitress is start to serve us a jug of water with a slice of lemon in water and give us menu. When I first look into the menu, the picture of the food  makes me more hungry and can't wait to try all of them.

If you want to try something delicious and yummy, you need to spend some time to wait for it. Miam Miam's food is Hand Made,  therefore you try to take some pictures or chatting with your friend or family while waiting your order.

Iced Matcha Latte with Softee-RM12.80
Do you love matcha?Then you much not miss it > < , I bet you will regret if didnt try it.
It has the combination of sweetness and bitterness,you can taste the matcha flavour for the each bite.The softee is really soft and smoothy,

Famous French Toast-RM16.80
With their homemade whipped cream above the toast. The Whipped cream is not too sweet, Ngam Ngam Ho for me. The toast very spongy. Both of the combination is perfect. I guess girls will like this ! but is kind big portion for girls, you can share with your bestie. Thumb ups for this .

Pasta Pescatore-28.80

Pasta Carbonara-RM24.80

Miam Miam Spaghetti-24.80
I admit that I order this spaghetti is because of the name and I thought it will serve in a cute pot ,but it came in a big white plate. Anyway this spaghetti is special compare to others,  it contain some ingredient I never see before which will appear in spaghetti such as eggplant,bacon and vege.
There are some chilli powders on the spaghetti , you can mix it will the half boiled egg. Therefore those chilli powders will be stick on the spaghetti. The spicy flavour have activate my appetite, I finish them within 20 minutes. It is really nice!!!This is the best spaghetti I've ever tried.

Pot Baked Souffle Doria-RM26.80

The service was good, therefore we need to pay another 10% for the service charge ... At the end 6 of us spend about RM180 for this lunch  > < . Is pricy for those have poor income and students, when I able to afford , I will be here again... I will miss their spaghetti so so much. 

Address: 163C-1-01/02, Gurney Paragon Mall, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang.
Contact: 04-226 7818
Business Hour: 12-10pm everyday 


Laneige Water Bank Essence [Review]

Malaysia is a hot weather country, and only have one season which is SUMMER for 365 days. The hot weather in Malaysia always dry me out and cause my skin oily and shiny. Usually I will not try any moisture product, I have a concept that moisture product will cause my skin more oily.
Here's another my favourite skin care product which I bought it from Qoo10 and delivered from Korea. The sample tester of Laneige Water Bank Essence .

I received my goods in good condition, no leakage. The seller wrap my goods with a layer of bubble wrap, and coming with a pack of sample. There are total 8 bottles of the sample tester , each of the bottle are 15ml so here are total of 120ml. I guess I can used for at least 10 months. You can just pump the amount that you need and apply on your skin, is very easy and hygienic. Besides that , this product is suitable for all skin type.

Benefit of this product :

" A 24-hour long-lasting moisture essence that contains mineral water for skin regeneration and Water Pump System for moisture circulation to safeguard skin moisture and hold it in to leave the skin moisturized and smooth.
Instantly dampens the skin with ample moisture and forms a natural moisture barrier on skin surface to protect the moisture that is in the skin.
Contains chestnut extracts and seaweed extracts to enhance keratin turnover to fight roughness and energizes the skin for a smooth and healthy texture."

from Laneige

I have used this for a month during day and night, and it give me an excellent result. I just need small amount to apply my whole face. The texture of this product is gel and watery type, I able to spread it easily on my face. One of the thing , I love this product is it absorb very fast by my skin (within 30 seconds) and I won't feel the sticky after this. The another reason ,I love it is because my skin became smooth and satin and my pores is became smaller. By the way ,it didn't make my oily skin problem big. 

Smooth my skin and minimize my pores
Light fresh ocean scent
Absorb quickly by my skin, won't feel sticky
Very hygienic design packing (pump dispenser)

Nothing bad for this product 

I would like to repurchase for next time, 120ml just cost me RM72 . It really give a good result to my skin and I very satisfied with the result. For those who are interesting with it, can try the tester . :)


Kaffa espresso bar @ GREEN HALL

Saturday again, yuhoooo... Lets go for a hunt - food hunt.
Recently I saw lot of my friends, they are coming to this cafe - Kaffa ESPRESSO BAR
Shop sign with woody + metallic material of this cafe looks so classic. 

Address: 22, Green Hall, 10200 Pinang George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-262 2822

Those who know Western Spices Restaurant , surely can find this cafe easily . This cafe located in the lorong right beside of Western Spices Restaurant . The Aqua Ocean signboard will catch your sight, so you can find them easily.

England style and retro design of this cafe make you feel that you are now at 60-70's.

Here is their business hours. They are ready to serve their lovely customer everyday  :)

You can see that their menu is on board, another environmentalism's coffee house. But the word is kinda pack on the blackboard so you need to spend some time to goes through their menu.

Have you ever used this flat bottom iron cup before? I did!  This flat bottom iron cup have the cafe logo and white body , looks cute...I wish can bring them home  ^^

This is the table numbers, so whats yours?

So is time to pick your favourite food and cake...Now only have 5 types of cake for you to choose . I believe they will bring in more different cakes soon ^^

Gosh... is full house! There are indoor and outdoor section, but the indoor section is full with crowd. Luckily, a table of customer is leaving therefore we able to get our seating in indoor. 
This is our table...^^ looks cool right? I wish the mini television are able to be switch on so I can watching show while enjoying my cake. 

Chocolate Moist Cake - RM10
This chocolate moist cake have a wonderful deep chocolate taste,very rich and smooth, and not to sweet. It is just a little not so moist . I will still recommend this ... really nice to try

Cheezy Cheese Cake - RM10
It's name Darren not so cheese cheesecake, what a cute name. There are 3 layers for this cheese cake.
When you putting it into your mouth , the cheese taste come first , which is very smooth , rich and not so cheese. Next was the chocolate taste. Taste GOOD !

Cafe freddo- RM12
Kaffa's staff recommend this to me, I admit that I dont know what have been mix in this drinks. HAHA

After finish eating my cake, is time for me to take photo. There are lots of cute stuff in here.

Looks like Harry Potter (in my own opinion)

Cute make up bag, I wish to have one of this too. 

Here's the outdoor section at the upstairs. The environment is good too, I guess will be more romantic at night , is suitable for couple to have their date here.

The BEATLES is in the house too ^^ . 

See you guys next time ... Have a nice day 


[Review] CO.E Olive nourishing & brightening hair treatment

Helloooo~ Long time no see. Hope you guys haven't forget me. Recently I bought a lots of products such as skin care,cosmetic and hair care product from Internet. Thats because all the stuff is more cheaper than retail shop and I had finish all my daily care product then need to restock again.
I'm making a review on this Awesome product!

♥ ♥ ♥  Product Details  ♥ ♥ ♥

Volume : 500g
Origin : Korea
Packing : Plastic

At the ancient time, Greek women used olive oil to apply on their hair, and this recipe has been passed to our generation. Most of our hair product have contained olive oil .
This Hair treatment product contain fresh Olive content which can nourishing your hair and provide nutrition for your hair.

This hair treatment is concentrated and in paste shape with milky white colour. Besides that, it have a nice scent .

There is a clean and simple instructions on how to use this hair treatment and a short introduction about this hair treatment at the back of this product. 

-Hair become smooth and silk
-My hair is more manageable
-My hair looks healthier
-Effect can be seen on the first use
-Nice scent 

-The only bad thing is the scent is not last long

What I think about this product?
Okay first of all, you can see the effect after the first time you used it. If you touch on your hair, you can feel that your hair is smooth ,tender and manageable. You can see from mirror that your hair is very silk and straight, your hair is become more healthier and stronger. The effect can help you against bad weather and cold environment , the smooth and silk effect can last for whole day long.
I was highly recommended this product for those had dry and damaged hair, it is really worth for try. If you follow the method of use on this products, you can get the smooth and silk effect.

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