Cozy In The Rocket @ Beach Street,Penang.

For those who familiar with Amelia Cafe , and sure must know they have move their cafe to new venue which is just at the corner of Beach Street and Armenian Street. The boss named their new cafe as Cozy in the Rocket.

Address : 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Penang.
Business Hour : Daily 10am-5pm,closed on Monday
Tel : +6012 496 7838

Cute drawing on the wooden board and the make their own mail box.

When we first step in the cafe, the lady boss came to us and told us the menu is on the board, please make order at the counter with nice smile.
Previously I read some blog which comment that this cafe have the bad services, but MAY BE I'm lucky.

Is quite a lot of choices in this cafe. I have review some blogger's post, they mentioned that, the pasta of this cafe is nice, but we have our lunch before here therefore we just choose dessert. ^^

Three of us pick a table near the wall, just because the cute red chair . Each of the table have a flower in a wine bottle, feels so sweet and lovely.

Look around this cafe are full with woody+old style furniture and decorations. And there some cute doggy and catty drawings.

Finally our order is here ~~ Yummy yummy.

Coconut Creme Brulee - RM12
This is my first try on coconut dessert, the taste not bad. But I think I need some time to accustom with coconut dessert. 

My first thoughts is why they used Shredded radish to decorate tiramisu ?? After you first taste, you will thats orange peel. This is also my first time try a tiramisu with orange taste. If I'm not mistaken, there are a litlle alcohol in this tiramisu  ^^. Bitter-sweet taste.

Ice Mocha-RM14
Is pricy for this Ice Mocha and nothing special with this > <. Not worth with this price .

Sunny and Hot day , but it cheer my Saturday. Happy Saturday > <

Thanks for my brother took pictures for me.

Doggy is peeing .


Review: Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner

Helloooo girls and boys. How was your day ? This is 3rd week of my intern life, is tiring and very miss my Uni life and my buddies. 

I'm shopping again for my skin care product. I always change my skin care brand, I don't like to stick to one brand, I wanna try something really suit with my skin and give me the result I want. Besides that in my own opinion, if your skin always stick to use one brand , after long time, the effect is not obvious or as good as the first time you use. 

Everytime before I purchase a skin care product, I will do some online research on the product ingredient and read all the review of the product then I just make decision want to buy or not. This time I purchase my toner from Qoo10, I think most of you all are familiar with this website. The product's price in this website is much cheaper compare to retails shop. And you can find out that there are some products can't find in Malaysia but you can find it in the website.  

I received my parcel 2 weeks after I make order and done payment. I used normal register mail, therefore it required signature when they delivery your parcel to you.  

As you can see, my toner is wrapped by bubble wrap to prevent any damage while sending them from Korea to me. There are 3 free sample that gave by seller, so nice!!!
There is no leakage or damage on my toner, I received them in good condition. 

This time I choose to try this toner - Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner. 

Why I choose this series of toner?? Because I have acne problem > < , thats a sad case. I hate ance!!! But they always want to be my best friend.
This AC Clinic Daily is designed for those who have pimple prone skin.

Volume: 150ml
Packing: Glass Bottle
Origin: Korea

This toner contains low alcohol content which are suitable for acne skin. Oil free formula to keep your skin fresh and clean. Besides that, this products contains Salicylic Acid which is for antiseptic and antibacterial . Water soluble moisturizing agent of this product help to prevent any acne formation on your skin :). There are Non-comedogenic Tested, where I check from Internet, its mean "Not causing acne-related skin trouble by not blocking pores to reduce the incidence of pimples". The ingredients of this line which are not blocking our pores to help us improve our skin and not causing any acne problems.
There are some active ingredients in this LINE : Natural Salicylic Acid, Hynoki Cypress, Chaga Mushroom and Saururus Chinensis. 


How to use: 
-For the first time, remove the seal and pour the toner on facial cotton pad.
-Apply the cotton pad on your skin . 
Thats all ^^

-Absorbing faster by my skin
-Oily free from my skin without dry my skin out
-Reasonable price 
-Improve my skin from acne problem

-May be easy break due to glass bottle packing
-Herb scent is too strong (I already used to it)

This is a product worth to try, my acne really have been reduce after using this after 3 weeks. This product won't dry my skin out.
Hope you all enjoy with this review ^^ .Byeeee ~


My Days-Girls Day ♥

Sunday again ~ ~ Thats mean tomorrow is Monday > < , have to work again. Now I understand what is Monday blue. So I can't waste my precious SUNDAY, I have to make it wonderful .
Very very Sorry to my buddy - Mr.Ken , today I "pang poi ki" you . I know you very kind , won't take it to heart . See you and others next year !
Now, lets hang out ♥♥♥ Depart to meet my friend ~


I'm too free while on my way, so take some pictures of mine ^^ . I got very chubby face , and a Rabbit teeth.
For the first round, we are go to SING K, the thing that usually we will do when hang out.

Today my mission is to buy a pairs of Mary Janes for myself , And I found it at Opera ! Here's how it looks like~  This is My FIRST PAIR of Mary Janes!!

After I bought it, then I wear it ^^ for shopping. Is a little hurt after wore it for half hour, coz I didn't wear socks. 

Of course we won't forget to take picture~ Took picture before we're going back home. 

Review : ETUDE HOUSE SILK Scarf Hair Moist Pack

Last Sunday Buy 1 Free 1 at Gurney Plaza Etude House  O.o
All the item in their shop is buy 1 free 1. So as a girl , is hard for you to control your hand. I bought some item from here with my sis. One of them is this - ETUDE HOUSE SILK Scarf Hair Moist Pack . Normally Etude House are sell this with RM49.++ .

As I have terrible hair damaged and dry hair, I always try to find something that can make my hair look healthier and become stronger. Usually I like to style my hair with hair straightener and curler, and I do have dye my hair.
I was very excited on trying new product. Okay, now lets see this product details.

This product came in sweet pink packing, very girly and lovely. This is how the front view of this product.

This is the back view, all is korean word, I guess is about the instruction on how to use ,function and ingredients.  This small jar with the capacity of 180ml, is kinda small compare to the hair mask I usually used.

 At the bottom of this products, there is English version of the function and ingredient in this product.This hair moistpack is to nourishing,strengthens,rejuvenates dry hair, minimize breakage, maximize shine, silkiness and manageability.
Recommended uses for twice a week. Apply it on your hair after shampoo, massage into your hair and let this hair moistpack work for 5 minute and rinse it off.

When your first time open this, there is a transparent plastic cover as protector to prevent leakage . What you need to do is remove the lid and remove the cover. The it will looks like the picture at below.

Hair moistpack looks very creamy and and jelly look.

♥ Lovely Sweet Floral Scent
♥ Silk my hair after first time I used it
♥ My hair is more manageable 

♥ Small amount (I think I can finish it within 3 months)
♥ Scent not able to last long

I really love its sweet scent , and the effect can be seen after the first use. But with the price(original price) I can get something better than this, and is kinda pricy with just 180ml. I won't repurchase it again if there is no any promotion price or event. 


Kcareshop - Online Hair & Beauty Retailer

Hello girls and boys, lets guess what I've bought for this time??? 
I believe most of the google adsense blogger will know this online shop - kcareshop . Recently, the advertisement below is appear very frequent at most of the website and blog.
Yes! I bought a shampoo and hair mask :) .

After I know the existing of this Online Shop, sure I will walk around in this page. I find out there are a lot of  well known hair care products,hair styling tools and fragrances in this website. The price is much cheaper compare to other hair beauty shops because most of the products have discount price. 

This website provide a chatbox for customer and visitor at the right-bottom corner of the page, where customer and visitor have any question in their mind they can place their question in the chatbox by leaving email address too. Their customer service group will get to you soon.

For those customer don't have any credit card and internet banking service, you guys are don't need to worry for this problem anymore. This website provide Cash on delivery payment , you can make your payment when you receive your parcel ^^ (one of the reason I love it). Is this great right??

When you spend RM99 (RM199 for Singapore) and above in this Online Shop, you are able to enjoy free delivery service ^^. 

I choose the cash on delivery service, I kinda lazy to make transaction >< . You can select which day and what time you like to receive your parcel from them ^^. I suppose to receive my parcel on 15 sept, but nobody not around, therefore they send me this parcel again on the next day at the same time .  

Whats in the box????
-Redken Intra Force Natural Shampoo 1 litre
-CO.E Olive Nourishing & Brightening for Dry Hair Treatment 500g
I receive them in good condition, no leakage problem and I believe the products they sell are genuine.

I will make review on this two products soon ^^

Overall :  
Good service and receive my parcel in good condition, if the products works well on me , I will repurchase from them  ^^

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