In Love with Paris Nail

I wish someday I can be there-PARIS. I love the Eiffel Tower, culture and history over there. The building design is worth for visit.

Here is a new art design with the theme of Paris.
I recreate this nail art based on a youtube video.

Before start you gonna prepare this :

Nail polish
Tape,toothpicks,bobby pins, paper

This is nail striper, I made it with an old nail polish brush by cut some brush.
Here is the tutorial,hope you guys enjoy it ^ ^


Double Eyelid Tape [Review]

Today I wanna make a  review on DOUBLE EYELID TAPE. When I go out for shopping, dinner, gathering and bla bla and bla bla , then I must use it . Because I have inner and single eyelid and my eyelid are thicker compare with my sis and brother > < .When I smile, you can see there are "4 eyebrows" on my face.

I started to use it since form 6, almost 5 years I had used this. I had tried a lot of different brands, to find out which type of tape suit me most. I found out that the double eyelid tape of this brand had done a great job on me. I not sure about the name of this brand , if I'm not mistaken is F-LI. You can get it from Magicboo(Beauty Market) with just RM3.50 for 100 pairs of tape.

Due to my inner eyelid and it is thick, therefore I choose to use the wide type tape(is about 3mm), it can hold my thick and heavy eyelids and give me higher double eyelid.  

A free plastic stick come with the purchase of the double eyelid tape, it is use for take the tape down without using our own finger.

The invisible effect is good, this photo I took under light. It don' t have reflection surface.

Now is the experiment time, to see how the double eyelid tape work on my eyes.
Here is the photo, before I apply the sticker on my eyelid. As I said,you can see the inner + thick eyelid. I always stick the tape inversely, this method shows me the great result.

Magic is happening, it turns my eye become round, bigger and sparkling ^ ^ .
Just ignore my short eyelash > < .


Blue Reef Fish & Chips @ Straits Quay

My SIS, she found something YUMMY and affordable at Straits Quay. She always ask me go to taste it , told me that their fish and chips is delicious! But always don't have a chance...
Finally I'm here .

Blue Reef Fish & Chips
Blue Reef Fish & Chips
The fish logo is cute

The environment is romantic kinda classy, suitable for couple or family/friends gathering. I guess here will be more romantic when night time. 

Their menu book is make by leather. I like it...

Due to the time we here is happy hour, therefore we just can order the food from this 2 pages. 

This is what we ordered beer batter fish and chips seasonal fish

Blue Reef Fish & Chips


When my fishy come, I look at it and said "Is HUGE" ! This is a huge portion. The fish had occupied half of the plate (a big plate). The fish come with tartar sauce.  The french fries is crispy,hot and is filled, a little salty(make it more tasty) . 

Now is the turn of the fish-fish, remember blow before you eat because it burn your mouth. The fish is fresh, very smooth and tender not over cooked. You can eat without tartar sauce ^ ^
Beside it is very THICK compare to the fish and chips of other restaurant, THIS IS THE THICKEST FISH & CHIPS I EVER SEE.

I spent more than one hour to finish it ... Really a big portion  ^ ^ ...

Highly recommend their Fish & Chips !!! Must try !! Fish lover must not miss it

Hot Mocha-RM8

Is too sweet for me > <

The service is good, waiter will refill water for you is you are order sky juice. And you can ask for sauce if you finish it before your food ^ ^ . Besides that they are friendly.

Straits Quay
3A-G-20, BLOCK A,GF,


Mon-Fri: 10:30 - 22:30
Sat: 10:30 - 22:00
Sun: 10:30 - 22:30

Opps what happen to my eyes ... sleepy eye ?!


Culture JapanCON at Straits Quay

I was always looks forward to seeing what is COSPLAY?! Finally here is chance for me and this is my first time attend a cosplay event.

This is the first time Culture Japan Convention (CJC) held in Penang (Strait Quay on 17th and 18th August) ,which want to have a zero-distance contact among fans,celebrities and retailers more closer. A quarterly of the event is hosted by Danny Choo(TV presenter) and blogger. Fans can fully interact with cosplayer, card gamer and illustrator.

This event organized by Culture Japan and Penang Global Tourism.

 At the ground floor  of Straits Quay, there are few booths(sell japanese food) and a small stage

Presenter is asking a question to crowd which is related to Japan culture

Sushi Lover gonna Love this !! But is a little pricy.
After that , We move forward to our destination (Straits Quay Convention Centre) which at the 6th floor.
Welcome to Culture Japan Convention !!!! ♥ ♥  Ticket is needed to enter the hall..

Ching!Shan! Cross!!!!
This is the hugest poster I ever see
YuGiOh card Game.All the professional card gamer is here!
They are busy with the purchase of goods

Omgosh! Maridah is here too....! She have 12 years experience on cosplay! She is very friendly and cute, all of the character she cosplay is amazing! Do you believe that she sew numbers of cosplay costume on her own? Her facebook link : MaridahCosplay

Some of the dolls and model set collector, they can show-off their cute dollies and cool model during this event. Organizer had set up a display area for them to display their dollies. Guest are allow to take photo but no flash on...

I felt that want bring them home. They looks beautiful
Gundam Series! 
Thats cool! I won't be able to piece them together!
                                                           SD doll                                      Asuna is here tooooo


Now is time to see cosplayer, what character join us today?! There are a lot of them, I try to upload all of them. > < Most of the character I don't know them . I'm not really a big anime fans....

Hatsune Miku

Mr. Ghostbusters 

Mikasa and Sasha from Attack on Titans

Spider Man came here to join this event?

They are so cute!

My bestie join this event too! Yukari Miyane

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